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Facebook Store setups are painless, effortless, and easily integrated with Cartshape.  The benefits of social commerce extend far and wide.  Cartshape is the industry's most flexible tool for creating dynamic Facebook stores.  Many businesses in the market to setup a Facebook shop have chosen Cartshape for its functionality and profound sociability.

Dealshape is redefining the daily deal landscape, aggregating popular deals to serve personal deals with the most possible relevancy.  Facebook deals are now possible with Dealshape, which increases the scope and reach of traditional deal offerings.

Socialigration also has world-class enterprise solution development and support to meet the discerning needs of large companies and institutions.  All of Socialigration's products are fully customizable and configurable.  

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Socialigration's product suite includes the industry's most respected social commerce tools:

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25 Nov 2011

Daily Deals Growth - $4.2B by 2015!

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